It was the beginning of the Orient… It was the beginning of the West

Lebanon’s Exceptional Characteristics

  • A four season destination with sunshine all year-round.
  • Mediterranean sea surrounded by spectacular mountains.
  • Green valleys melting in the country’s beautiful nature.
  • Hiking and mountain biking, paragliding and para-sailing, golf and water-activities.
  • A distinctive blend of history, geography and adventure.
  • Modernity encircled by preserved culture.
  • Legendary Lebanese hospitality and warmth. 
  • A Gateway to the Middle East.
  • Deluxe hotels affiliated to international chains.
  • Ideal conference facilities.
  • Strategic business hub.
  • Famous Historical and Religious sites.
  • Worldly recognized grottoes and museums.
  • Folkloric and Arabian shows.
  • Lebanese crafts.
  • Famous Lebanese cuisine.
  • Delicious International restaurants.
  • Casino and  international shows.
  • Exotic nights.
  • Multilingual people

The country’s exceptional characteristic and our commitment to challenge every detail and ingeniously tailor make our programs to offer creative ideas with indisputable services has allowed us to proudly handle conferences, incentives and special interest groups.  We are determined to offer a highly personalized and differentiated product in an increasingly homogeneous, impersonal and volume-driven travel and events business. We are therefore ready to customize a program that meets every requirement you have including product launches, team building & social exercise, theme parties and others. We also offer a comprehensive service for meetings and conferences from a simple airline and hotel booking to meeting agendas, incentive criteria and overseeing program execution and follow-up.

A year-round sunny destination surrounded by stunning mountains and the Mediterranean sea. With green valleys blending into nature, it offers hiking, biking, water activities, and golf. Combining history, geography, and adventure, it preserves culture amidst modernity. Known for legendary hospitality, it’s a gateway to the Middle East, featuring deluxe hotels, ideal conference facilities, famous sites, grottoes, museums, folkloric shows, Lebanese crafts, and delicious cuisine.

Services and Solutions:

  • Meetings, Incentives, and Conference services
  • Themed Events
  • Corporate Events
  • Accommodation and Logistic
  • Private Venues and After Hours Private Viewing
  • Luxury Concierge
  • Team building


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